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Located at the heart of the bustling Remera business suburb in Kigali, Chez Lando Hotel represents the essence of a homely, green, family-friendly and hospitable hotel with one of the most exquisite menus in the city. Chez Lando’s environment carries a character that spews of freshness, vibrancy, hope, ambition and confidence resonating from a past of pain and loss.

Hotel Chez Lando, your first window to Rwanda. At Chez Lando, we apply the tradition of Rwandan hospitality to the needs of modern travelers; we cater to the smallest detail of your stay. Our quaint garden-style hotel is located just five minutes from Kigali International Airport and is right on the way to the heart of town.

Hotel Chez Lando has a style that happily marries history and memory in a special tribute to its founders: Lando Ndasingwa and Helen Pinsky.
Hotel Chez Lando today offers a total of 82 rooms where life is good; where locals and visitors from everywhere feel at home.
Hotel Chez Lando wants to be a mosaic of culture and colors, where simplicity and warm hospitality are offered in rare moments of enjoyment.
Hotel Chez Lando faithful customers are the reason behind staff and management renewed commitment to excellence in customer care.

Hotel Chez Lando Eviromental & Room Structure
Chez Lando Bar
                                                                              Chez Lando Bar

Corporate Social Responsibility

“We encourage our staff to embrace ownership of the vision while carrying a reconciliation mindset that doesn’t habour discrimination or exclusion. This will propel Chez Lando Hotel toward becoming an international name" CEO Kantengwa Anne Marie

Over the years, Chez Lando has incorporated gender equity within its values in a bid to demystify the mindset that women cannot spend time in bars, restaurants and hotels without necessarily being labeled as ‘mischievous’.

we believe that great government policies are always those that influence the growth of businesses in the Private Sector and encourages them to participate in the development of Rwanda.

In this regard, Chez Lando works closely with women cooperatives that make handicrafts. The proceeds enable rural women at the grassroots to become economically independent. This Corporate Social Responsibility provides Chez Lando Hotel with the opportunity to mentor women within small businesses.

What makes Chez Lando Hotel stand out from other hotels is the culture of excellence and ownership of Lando’s vision.


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